Expeditionary Combat Skills Weapons-Based Instructor

Location: Gulfport, MS

DMS International is a Consulting, Information Technology and Training Company headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland. At DMS our quality policy is to be among the 'best in class' providers of management and information technology consulting services in partnership with our customers. We hire professionals who take pride in doing quality work and who are committed to the customer. We are currently seeking Expeditionary Combat Skills (ECS) Weapons‐based Instructors. ECS Weapons‐based Instructors will perform classroom and field laboratory support for high‐risk training evolutions.

ECS Weapons‐based Instructors deliver training in support of basic individual combat skills training necessary to professionally and safely perform high‐risk expeditionary combat operations, generally including the expeditionary warfare operational environment, weapons training and/or medical support.

All ECS Weapons‐based Instructors must be familiar with applicable Navy rules, regulations, and other requirements as listed in the Training Course Control Document (TCCD) and may be required to attend in‐service training which is designed to update contractor personnel on Government rules, regulations, and other requirements.

ECS Weapons‐based Instructors must:

  • Be a US Citizen.
  • Obtain a suitable evaluation for mandatory medical, psychological, and drug screenings.
  • Satisfy the requirements for a “Noncritical‐Sensitive (NCS)” position and possess a favorably adjudicated National Agency Check with Local Agency and Credit Checks (NACLC) (or equivalent as indicated in Exhibit 5A of SECNAV M‐5510.30).
  • Possess an active state driver’s license.
  • Possess an active commercial driver's license or can obtain one within six (6) months of employment, if requested.
  • Possess a minimum of two (2) years documented tactical military operational experience involving:
    • Basic Tactical Communications
    • Basic Convoy Operations
    • Small Arms
    • Tactical Shooting
    • Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C‐IED)
    • Mission Planning
    • Basic Tactical Movement
    • Basic Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Procedures
    • Tactical Decision Making (Shoot/Don’t Shoot)
  • Have knowledge of basic and advanced training techniques
  • Have knowledge of computer technology application as it applies to instructional presentation and the use of classroom training aids
  • Possess above average communication skills and the ability to comprehend both verbal and written instructions.
  • Be a qualified instructor with 2 years’ experience as delivering training.
  • Possess one (or more) of the basic instructor qualifications as listed below:
    • Navy Instructor Training Course (NITC) (A‐012‐0077) (or military service equivalent)
    • Academic credentialing (teacher/professor).
    • Instructor training via an academic institution which includes:
      • Effective communication and questioning techniques
      • Adult learning theory and principles
      • Instructional Delivery methods
      • Lesson delivery performance laboratory
      • Training environment management
      • Inter‐personal skills
      • Evaluation and Feedback
  • Possess Navy NEC 0812 (Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor) credential or equivalent.
  • Complete the applicable Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS) for Line Coach (Small Arms) as contained in the Security Force Weapons PQS (NAVEDTRA 43466‐C), and be designated in writing by the respective CENSECFOR Range Safety Officer (RSO) within 90 days of reporting for duty.
  • Possess current qualification with the type of weapons and courses of fire that they instruct.