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Job Description

DMS is seeking Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E) Range Technicians (OBMLS Specialist I) who will perform support for classroom and field laboratory instruction for U.S. Navy high-risk training evolutions.

CENSECFOR AA&E Range Technician Duties and Responsibilities:

Perform maintenance on indoor and outdoor small arms ranges, Tactical Training Simulators (TTS), Training Unique Equipment (TUE), and AA&E storage facilities. Related tasks include, but are not limited to, housekeeping; grounds maintenance; preventive maintenance; inspecting; troubleshooting; repair; constructing and installing targets, target stands, barricades, and mock-ups; requisitioning, maintaining, and inventorying tools, equipment, and consumables; operating Small Arms Weapons Simulators (SAWS) and small arms ranges; operating motor vehicles, Material Handling Equipment (MHE), and Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE); and documentation of work performed. Additionally, the CENSECFOR AA&E Range Technician can track, coordinate, and report maintenance and repair of, and, when assigned as the Licensing Examiner, train personnel to operate, motor vehicles and MHE. The CENSECFOR AA&E Range Technician can issue, receipt, sub-custody transfer, inventory, ship, store and transport small arms, weapons, weapon mounts, SAWS, Visual Augmentation Systems (VAS), and other controlled inventory items. They can handle (including with MHE), block and brace, and transport Ammunition and Explosives (AE). Tasks may require specialized training in protecting AA&E, VAS, and related controlled inventory items from theft or damage and demonstration of proficiency in the use of firearms. The duties and attributes include:

· Construct various live-fire target frames and barricades

· Maintenance of a SEAHUT for training during inclement weather (A SEAHUT is a temporary building consisting of a wood frame, and covered by tent canvas. It can be modified to include a metal roof and other amenities.)

· Maintenance of access roads at Camp Tiak (Land Navigation Training Site) including:

  • o Ordering and scheduling delivery of sand and stone
  • o Grading and spreading of stone on roads and parking areas
  • o Removal of trees and shrubbery from the edge of roads to allow for emergency vehicle access

· Maintenance of a Helicopter Landing Zone (LZ) at Camp Tiak in support of emergency medical evacuations

· Installation and maintenance of training aids used in the SIMUNITION® and Convoy Fundamentals modules of training

· Maintenance and repair of eight (8) static trainer High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV)

· Submit requests for ordering tools and equipment for the live-fire range facilities

· Provide training support equipment cost estimates to Activity Leadership

· Maintain an inventory of repair parts and consumable supplies used at the live-fire range

· Manage the activities government owned and GSA leased vehicles. Responsibilities include:

  • o Responsible for the daily usage, operation, and management of GSA vehicles and CESE equipment assigned to the site
  • o Liaisons with NAVFAC at each applicable installation
  • o Prepares weekly mileage reports and monthly fuel reports for NAVFAC
  • o Conducts “Fleet Fuel Card” Training for new personnel
  • o Responsible for coordination of vehicle maintenance with NAVFAC points of contact
  • o Transport vehicles to/from repair/body shops
  • o Responsible for managing the replacement of GSA/CESE vehicles
  • o Function as License Examiner
  1. § Issue Government Driver’s License to new personnel
  2. § Maintenance of Driver’s License records for the site
  3. § Monitor currency of all licenses and endorsements, ensuring that appropriate action is taken prior to expiration
  4. § Train and license personnel in MHE operations
  5. § Oversee training for individuals assigned as bus drivers
  • o Investigate vehicle accidents

· Transport of all heavy equipment, supplies, and materials via tractor-trailer, as required

· Operation of MHE/CESE equipment, as required

· Assist Ammunition Department with the weighing and loading of expended brass

CENSECFOR AA&E Range Technician must:

· Must be a US Citizen.

· Possess a High School Diploma or GED

· Possess a minimum of 2 years’ experience in operating power tools, hand tools, welding and fabricating in metal and wood.

· Specialized experience in basic electrical maintenance, carpentry and other construction skills.

· Requisite training in fabricating in metal and wood and the tools related to such fabrication is preferred.

· Demonstrate the ability to utilize computers.

· Demonstrate motivation to contribute as a team member with good oral and written communications skills.

· Obtain a suitable evaluation for mandatory medical, psychological, and drug screenings.

· Possess an active state driver’s license.

· Possess (or be able to obtain) a Government Construction Equipment license

· Possess (or be able to obtain) a Government Driver’s License Examiner Certification

· Possess (or be able to obtain) a MHE certification

· Possess (or be able to obtain) a Class A, Class B, or Class C Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) as required with a HAZMAT endorsement in order to transport ammunition

Job Locations:

· CENSECFOR Learning Site Gulfport, Mississippi, United States

Position Type:

· Full-Time/Regular