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Customs and Border Protection Instructor, CBP (Part-Time)

DMS International is seeking a part-time Customs and Border Protection Instructor to deliver, develop, and revise training for CBP Border Patrol Agents to operate surveillance systems. The curriculum will revolve around the need to train Border Patrol Agents on how to effectively operate assigned surveillance systems. The curriculum generally consists of lecture followed by laboratory exercises to allow for monitoring the agent’s ability to demonstrate proficiency in operating the system. The instructor shall use only FAA provided and authorized teaching aids such as, but not limited to, lesson plans, student guides, lab guides, handouts, wall charts, prepared notes, and use of actual surveillance system equipment.

Specific Tasks

  • Delivers training of instructional
  • Conducts Classroom administration, to include, but not limited to:
    • Conducting student orientation on the first day of class as indicated on the Student Orientation Briefing slides or other provided media;
    • Taking initial roll call, indicating any changes and notifying appropriate FAA office regarding any No Shows;
    • Maintaining a class roster;
    • Submitting final grades to appropriate FAA office;
    • Proposing recommendations for improvements, based on class outcomes at the conclusion of each class, to the appropriate FAA office.
  • Identifies the need for additional classroom resources and communicating these needs to the appropriate FAA
  • Follows prepared lesson plans and ensures stated course objectives are presented. Lesson plans and student materials provide a roadmap for the delivery and identified expected
  • Measures student performance by using skill practices and
  • Uses course curriculum to help ensure that operational objectives are
  • Utilizes such teaching methods as lecture, lab demonstrations, remedial discussion, and
  • Uses teaching aids such as, but not limited to, lesson plans, student guides, lab guides, handouts, wall charts, prepared notes, and use of actual lab
  • Is required to learn and become proficient on all safety-related procedures and guidelines for the equipment they will be conducting training. This training will be provided, as required, by the FAA Course Coordinator or his/her designate.

Education & Experience

  • Candidate must either have a Bachelor’s degree in Education, or equivalent, or
  • A Government, Private Sector, or military specific training on same or similar CBP sUAS systems.
  • At least two (2) years of experience in any combination of the following positions:
    • Technical: Government or Private Industry Electrical Engineering, Electronics Technology, Electro-Mechanics Technology, Information Technology, or Logistics.
    • Instructional: Government or Private Industry Electronics Technology, Mechanical Electronics Technology, or Logistics.
  • Shall have a minimum of two (2) years of specialized sUAS experience, working or instructing experience and must:
    • Be certified and current as sUAS Operators and Initial Qualification Training-Instructors (IQT-I) in the patform(s) teaching IAW the CBP training and readiness requirements for sUAS.
    • Meet initial qualification and mission qualification instructor requirements IAW CBP management directives.
    • Possess a FAA second class medical certificate.
    • Be able to pass Law Enforcement Sensitive Background Investigation.
  • This position requires certified and current sUAS Operators and Initial Qualification Training-Instructors.

Job Location: Oklahoma City, OK