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Logistics Management Specialist (Part-Time Instructor)
DMS International is seeking a part-time Logistics Management Specialist (LMS) to provide instructional delivery of logistics training for courses managed by the FAA. Under the direction of the contract Program Manager, this Integrated LMS Instructor will administer a curriculum that includes:

• interdependencies among logistics elements
• integrating acquisition and lifecycle management of logistics support with the investment product or service
• adhering to the principles of supply chain management throughout each phase of the lifecycle process (service analysis, concept and requirements definition, investment analysis, solution implementation, and in-service management).

All instruction is done in accordance with FAA training standards, policies, and guidelines such as, but not limited to, the latest versions of FAA Order 3000.57, “Air Traffic Organization Technical Operations Training and Personnel Certification Programs.”

Specific Tasks
• Delivers training for instructional courses
• Conducts Class room administration to include, but not limited to:

  • Conducting student orientation on the first day of class as indicated on the Student Orientation Briefing slides or other provided media;
  • Taking initial roll call, indicating any changes and notifying appropriate FAA office regarding any No Shows;
  • Maintaining a class roster;
  • Submitting final grades to appropriate FAA office;
  • Proposing recommendations for improvements, based on class outcomes at the conclusion of each class, to the appropriate FAA office.

• Identifies the need for additional classroom resources and communicating these needs to the appropriate FAA office.

• Follows prepared lesson plans and ensures stated course objectives are presented. Lesson plans and student materials provide a roadmap for the delivery and identified expected outcomes.

• Measures student performance by using skill practices and tests.

• Uses course curriculum to help ensure that operational objectives are achieved.

• Utilizes such teaching methods as lecture, lab demonstrations, remedial discussion, and coaching.

• Uses teaching aids such as, but not limited to, lesson plans, student guides, lab guides, handouts, wall charts, and prepared notes.

Education & Experience

• Candidate must either have an Associate degree or vocational certificate in a relevant field of study (i.e., Logistics Management), or

• Government, Private Sector, or military specific training relevant to logistics management to include:

  • Personal Property
  • Materiel Management
  • Disposal Activities
  • Capitalization
  • Inventory Control
  • Logistics Supply Chain Management
  • Acquisition Management.

• At least four (4) years in any combination of the following positions:

  • Technical: Government or Private Industry logistics management to include: Personal Property, Materiel Management, Disposal Activities, Capitalization, Inventory Control, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Acquisition Management.
  • Instructional: Government or Private Industry logistics management to include: Personal Property, Materiel Management, Disposal Activities, Capitalization, Inventory Control, Logistics Supply Chain Management, Acquisition Management.

• Shall have a minimum of three (3) years of Specialized Integrated LMS Experience, working or instructing in the following:

  • Planning, executing, and managing an ILS element and support elements
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Supply Support
  • Training, Training Support and Personnel Skills
  • Computer Resources Support
  • Maintenance Support Facilities
  • Packaging, Handling, Storage and Transportation
  • Technical Data
  • Direct Work Maintenance Staffing
  • Support Equipment
  • *One year may be waived with a four-year college degree or Master’s degree in a relevant field of study (e.g., Logistics Management.)

• Successful completion of the following Specialized Training courses preferred:

  • FAA30010002, Acquisition Management System Lifecycle
  • FAA04211, Introduction to System Engineering at the FAA
  • FAA44528001, ILS Maintenance Planning Element
  • FAA44520001, ILS Supply Support Element
  • 44519001, ILS Training, Training Support, and Personnel Skills Element
  • 44525001, ILS Computer Resources Support Element
  • 44522001, ILS Maintenance Support Facilities Element
  • FAA44526001, ILS Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation Element
  • FAA44524001, ILS Technical Data Element
  • FAA44523001, ILS Direct Work Maintenance Staffing Element
  • FAA44527001, ILS Support Equipment Element
  • DAU, ACQ 101, Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management
  • DAU, LOG 101, Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals
  • DAU, LOG 102, Fundamentals of Systems Sustainment Management
  • DAU, CLL 011, Performance Based Lifecycle Product Support
  • This position does not require FAA equipment certification or Logistics Management certification.

Job Location: Oklahoma City, OK