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Job Description

DMS is currently seeking a MA RRL Instructional Support Site Lead for a Master at Arms “A” School Instructor Team. The MA RRL Site Lead is responsible for 76 instructors delivering lessons at the Master-at-Arms “A” School. The three categories of instructors the Site Lead is responsible for deliver formalized training in the areas of Navy Security Force (NSF) Law Enforcement Specialist (LES) and Antiterrorism/Navy Security Force (AT/NSF) operations to Navy personnel at the MAA Class A School.

The MA RRL Site Lead must be familiar with applicable Navy rules, regulations, and other requirements as listed in the Training Course Control Document (TCCD) for all courses being delivered and may be required to attend in-service training which is designed to update contractor personnel on Government rules, regulations, and other requirements.


• Must be a U.S. citizen.
• Obtain a suitable evaluation for mandatory medical, psychological, and drug screenings.
• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and 3 years of experience in a Navy administrative management environment or a minimum of twelve (12) years of administrative management experience in a Navy or Marine Corps management environment.
• Experience establishing work priorities and communicating effectively with staff.
• Experience handling a wide range of administrative and executive support related tasks; able to work independently with little to no supervision.
• At least five (5) years’ experience at an Executive Level within a Navy or Marine Corps management administrative environment.
• Recent administrative, presentation, protocol, and operations support experience within the last three (3) years.
• Executive administration experience with high level event planning and coordination; itinerary development; and detailed knowledge of Navy protocol and military courtesies policy and regulations.
• Excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing.
• A thorough knowledge of the Navy and Marine Corps organizational and command structure.
• Have no record of criminal conviction.
• Ability to obtain a Favorable Tier 3 Background Investigation.
• Be personally capable of performing all training evolutions including the ability to effectively complete weapons qualifications in the standing, kneeling and prone positions, ascend or descend ladders and go through narrow passageways, and be free of any abnormal fear of heights.

Additional Desired Qualifications

• Be a qualified instructor in accordance with the specific requirements identified that follow.
• Have attended the Navy Instructor Training Course (NITC) (A-012-0077) (or military service or civilian equivalent), or
• Academic credentialing (teacher/professor), or
• Instructor training via an academic institution.
• Academic ITC requirements should contain at a minimum 24-semester credit or quarter hours in the following:
• Effective communication and questioning techniques
• Adult learning theory and principles
• Instructional Delivery methods
• Lesson delivery performance laboratory
• Training environment management
• Inter-personal skills
• Evaluation and Feedback
• Have 2 years of experience as an instructor delivering training.
• Have knowledge of basic and advanced training techniques to include classroom management, Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs), and student motivation.
• Have knowledge of computer technology application as it applies to instructional presentation.
• Possess high personal standards of technical knowledge and professional competence in delivering training material.
• Possess the ability to perform in a military environment.
• Possess a familiarity with the organization and hierarchy of the U. S. Navy, military rank/grade structure.
• Possess a knowledge of Navy and military terminology, and shipboard/installation environments and configurations.
• Possess an excellent command of the English language, both verbal and written.

Satisfy one or more of the following instructor qualifications
• Basic Security Fundamentals Instructor qualifications.
• Have CENSECFOR provided instructor qualification training and certification as a Non-Lethal Weapons – Basic Instructor (NLW BI), and
• Have no NCIC criminal record of conviction, and
• Have been a certified federal, state, or municipal law enforcement officer with a minimum of 5 years operational patrol experience with a civilian law enforcement agency, or
• Have been certified with a minimum of 5 years operational patrol experience with a military law enforcement agency; or
• Have instructed military law enforcement or military security tactics within the previous two (2) years.
• Basic Weapons-Based Course Instructor qualifications.
• In addition to satisfying Basic Security Fundamentals Instructor qualifications.
• Possess at least two years of past military experience in a weapons-carrying and employment in an operational environment or equivalent experience as a Law Enforcement officer with a military or civilian security force.
• Possess a basic understanding of Military/Civilian Security Force techniques.
• Be qualified as a small arms weapons instructor.
• Tactical Weapons-Based Course Instructor qualifications.
• In addition to satisfying Basic Weapons-Based Course Instructor qualification.
• Possess a minimum of five (5) years documented armed tactical military operational experience involving:
• Basic Tactical Communications
• Small Arms (Rifle and Pistol) Employment
• Tactical Shooting
• Mission Planning
• Tactical Movement
• Defensive Tactics
• Non-lethal weapons employment
• Tactical Hostile Intent Decision Making (Shoot/Don’t Shoot)
• Possess Range Safety Officers (RSO) certification.


• NTTC Lackland AFB, TX

Position Type

• Full-Time