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Job Description

DMS is seeking CENSECFOR Armorer / Site Lead (OBMLS Specialist III/Site Lead) who will supervise and perform armory personnel who provide support for classroom and field laboratory instruction for U.S. Navy high-risk training evolutions.

The CENSECFOR Armorer/Site Lead performs supervision and training support duties associated with the delivery of small arms and crew served weapons training. The CENSECFOR Armorer/Site Lead supervises and trains CENSECFOR Armorers, CENSECFOR Armorer/EMTs, and CENSECFOR AA&E Range Technicians. The CENSECFOR Armorer/Site Lead has a thorough understanding of maintenance and logistical tasks performed by subordinates and of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E) safety, security, and accountability regulations and programs. They assign and monitor small arms, weapons, weapon mounts, Visual Augmentation Systems (VAS), training facilities, Training Unique Equipment (TUE) and Small Arms Weapons Simulators (SAWS) maintenance and review records to analyze maintenance trends. The CENSECFOR Armorer/Site Lead regularly reports the material condition and accountability status of AA&E, VAS, SAWS, and other controlled inventory items to CENSECFOR Activity Leadership and advises CENSECFOR Activity Leadership to resolve identified discrepancies. The CENSECFOR Armorer/Site Lead accounts for ammunition and explosives (AE) in the official record including the requisition, issue, receipt, expenditure, and disposition of assets via computer-based applications. They provide oversight of an AE qualifications and certification (QUAL/CERT) program and serve as an AE QUAL/CERT board member or advisor. The CENSECFOR Armorer/Site Lead generates technical correspondence including, but not limited to, AE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Conventional Ordnance Deficiency Reports (CODRs), Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDRs), Explosive Event Reports (EERs), Explosive Mishaps Reports (EMRs), Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDRs) and Technical Manual Deficiency/Evaluation Reports (TMDERs), and can coordinate service contracts pertaining to facilities and equipment to which they are assigned. The duties and attributes include:

· Possess a total of nine (9) years or more of related experience.

· A minimum of six (6) years of preventative/corrective weapons maintenance experience (including military crew served weapons, where applicable), and a minimum of three (3) years’ experience within an ammunition and weapons management environment.

· Knowledge on Navy Antiterrorism/Navy Security Force (AT/NSF) and Expeditionary Warfare related programs and courses of instruction

· Comprehensive knowledge of applicable Department of Defense (DOD) and Navy directives/programs relating to AT/NSF, small arms training, and technical training equipment

· In-depth knowledge of Allowable Equipment Lists (AEL) and formal course Resource Requirements List (RRL) that support AT/NSF initial and sustainment training

· Basic knowledge of marksmanship principles/concepts as applied to small arms, operation and maintenance of small arms, and small arms handling and employment techniques.

· In-depth knowledge of the Department of the Navy’s AT/NSF mission, program objectives and relevant regulatory requirements, and Fleet/Training Command training organizations, especially those involved in AT/NSF.

· Comprehensive knowledge of wide variety of evaluation methods and principles sufficient to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of training methodology/technology support for specialty areas or complex subject areas

· Knowledge of training systems acquisition process and innovation contracting practices to include experience in preparing statements of work and request for proposals.

· Possess strong communication skills (both orally and written) with the ability to communicate abstract ideas in concrete terms for the adult user

· Demonstrate excellent presentation skills

· Display technical writing experience (for military manuals)

· Possess excellent interpersonal communication skills

· Portray a commitment to customer service

· Exhibit the ability to manage and meet deadlines

· Possess the ability to identify and solve problems

· Demonstrate a high degree of computer literacy, and familiarity with Microsoft Office®

· Be willing to travel on a frequent basis, sometimes unscheduled, throughout the CENSECFOR domain.

· Possess a valid driver’s license.

· Demonstrate the ability to supervise and perform maintenance of all weapons and associated equipment, as required, for the respective learning site, including:

  • MK-19 MOD 3 40mm grenade launcher
  • M203 40mm grenade launcher
  • M2HB .50-caliber heavy machinegun
  • M240B 7.62mm medium machinegun
  • MK48 MOD 1 7.62mm lightweight machinegun
  • M4A1 5.56mm rifle
  • M500A1 12-gauge shotgun
  • M2A1 .50 Caliber machine gun
  • M18 9mm service pistol
  • M9 9mm service pistol

· Maintenance Management of Training Unique Equipment (TUE) including (but not limited to):

  • Force Protection Ship Simulators/Tactical Training Simulators (FPSS/TTS)
  • Mobile Weapons Firing Trailers (MWFT)
  • Small Arms Weapons Simulators (SAWS)
  • Modular Indoor Firing Ranges (MIFR)

· Maintenance and management of support equipment, facilities and material including but not limited to:

  • AA&E Storage Facilities
  • Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE)
  • Government Owned/Leased Non-tactical Vehicles
  • Material Handling Equipment (MHE)
  • Visual Augmentation Systems (VAS)
  • Repair parts inventory
  • Tools and Consumables Items
  • Training Aids (Target stands, barricades, static vehicles, etc.)
  • Weapons Based Training Facilities
  • Weapon Mounts

· Management of ammunition including but not limited to:

  • Dispositioning
  • Handling
  • Material Potentially Presenting and Explosive Hazard (MPPEH) Processing
  • Receipting, Storing, Segregating, Issuing (RSSI)
  • Reporting via Ordnance Information System-Retail (OIS-R) and or Total Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS)

· Development of documentation in support of ordnance-based maintenance processes including, but not limit to:

  • AA&E Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Conventional Ordnance Deficiency Reports (CODR)
  • Explosive Event Reports (EER)
  • Explosive Mishap Reports (EMR)
  • Product Quality Deficiency Reports (PQDR)
  • Supply Discrepancy Reports (SDR)
  • Technical Manual Deficiency/Evaluation Report (TMDER)

· Transportation of weapons and ammunition from storage facilities to live ranges

· Storage and accountability for weapons and ammunition per Navy directives

· Attending training courses to obtain requisite certifications, as may be appropriate for the respective learning site

· Possessing a familiarity of the duties and responsibilities associated with the Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives (AA&E) Program as detailed in OPNAVINST 5530.13C

· Possess the motivation and ability to research directives, regulations, and policies to determine solutions to problems, issues, and concerns

· Display strong oral and written communication skills, as well as excellent presentation skills

· Possess experience in technical writing (military manuals)

· Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills, with a commitment to customer service

· Must be proactive in identifying and solving problems

· Display the ability to manage and meet deadlines

· Possess familiarity with computers and a working knowledge of software packages such as Microsoft Office®

· Demonstrate the ability to understand, implement, and maintain standards

· Understanding that work is normally performed in an Ammunitions and Explosives (AE) storage facility setting, and on live-fire range facilities, and in some cases, underway on small water craft including Riverine boats. Work may be performed indoors or outdoors, during inclement weather conditions, and in high humidity with extreme heat or cold, depending upon location.

· Acknowledgement that the number of scheduled courses and/or the tempo of training may create a highly stressful work environment

· Capable of qualifying as an AE worker, using mature and stable judgment on duty as well as off-duty. AE screening and qualifications are reviewed annually, and failure to maintain AE qualification may result in termination.

· Perform duties related to enhanced organizational level maintenance (EOLM) on weapons and other training equipment,

· Manage small arms, ammunition, repair parts, tools, and ancillary equipment,

· Transport small arms and ammunition to and from training locations.

· Manage AE personnel assigned to the Learning Site

The CENSECFOR Armorer/Site Lead must:

· Must be a US Citizen.

· Satisfy the requirements of the Lautenberg Amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968

· Have completed a U.S. military armorer’s courses, preferred are the following U.S. Navy certification courses:

  • CENSECFOR EOLM Armorers’ course,
  • NSW EOLM Armorers’ course,
  • NECC EOLM Armorers’ course

· Possess (preferred) the following U.S. Navy course completions and/or certifications:

  • AMMO 49
  • AMMO 51
  • AMMO Technical Specialist
  • AMMO Administration
  • Fleet Sentencing
  • Training Ammunition Management Information System (TAMIS)
  • Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH)

· Demonstrate a familiarity with the Fire Arms Training Systems® (FATS®) simulator is preferred

· Obtain a suitable evaluation for mandatory medical, psychological, and drug screenings.

· Possess in-depth knowledge night vision, lasers, weapons, and weapon sight technologies, capabilities, and weaknesses.

· Possess a minimum of three (3) years’ experience of preventative/ corrective small arms weapons maintenance with at least two (2) years’ experience in an ammunition/weapons management environment

· Demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot complex malfunctions.

· Demonstrate skill in the use of hand tools, test equipment, and precision measuring equipment.

· Demonstrate the ability to interpret technical manuals, illustrations, specifications, and diagrams.

· Demonstrate a basic knowledge of computer operations is required for inventory control and weapon maintenance record keeping.

· Possess an active state driver’s license.

· Possess (or be able to obtain) a Class B or Class C Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) as required with a HAZMAT endorsement in order to transport ammunition.

Job Locations:

· CENSECFOR Learning Site Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, United States

Position Type:

· Full-Time/Regular